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Etowah Employment news

Renovations Complete for Sullivan-Hillyer House

December 8, 2014 — We have completed renovations of one of Rome, GA’s oldest buildings. Built in 1868, The Sullivan-Hillyer House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and on the Georgia Register of Historic Places.  The house is located in the Between the […]

Etowah Employment Moves to Historic Building

September 29, 2014 — Etowah Employment, Northwest Georgia’s oldest staffing company is now located in one of Rome, GA’s oldest buildings. Built in 1868, The Sullivan-Hillyer House has been placed, by the United States Department of the Interior, on the National Register of Historic […]


May 22, 2013 — by John Zappe Temp staffing had its strongest month in two years, adding 30,800 new jobs in April. That accounted for almost one-in-five of the new jobs added to the U.S. economy last month. The U.S. Department of Labor this […]

How is the new Affordable Health Care Reform going to impact YOUR business??

May 8, 2013 —   How is the new Affordable Health Care Reform going to impact YOUR business??  If you have 50 or more employees THIS year, the impact to your company’s bottom line is going to be extremely powerful beginning Jan. 1, 2016. […]

Winning Resumes

March 9, 2010 — Many people ask me why they need to have a current resume when interviewing for a prospective job. There are many reasons to have a good resume, including passing the employer’s screening process, establishing you as a professional person with high standards and excellent writing skills, and boosting your confidence while clarifying your direction. The number one purpose of a good resume, however, is to win an interview. If your resume gets you in front of a prospective employer, then it’s an effective resume. A resume is an advertisement; nothing more, nothing less.

The Thank You

March 9, 2010 — Will a thank you note really make or break my chances of getting a job? Probably not in most cases, but why take the chance?

Look Your Best

March 9, 2010 — Does your appearance really matter when you are dropping off an application? What are the rules of interview dress? This article explores some do’s and don’ts of interview attire and includes a checklist for putting your best foot forward.

Email Etiquette

March 9, 2010 — While a lot of people recognize the importance of following certain rules when writing a business letter, they often forget these rules when composing an email message. Just in case you have forgotten, here’s an email etiquette refresher!

Creating A Resume

March 9, 2010 — If only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes received by the average employer, how do you make sure to make the cut?

Cellphone Use At Work

March 9, 2010 — Cell phone usage has been creeping its way into the workplace for sometime now. So what’s acceptable protocol for an employee to follow to make sure to stay hired?