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Frequently Asked Questions

Our management team is intimately involved on a daily basis with all existing accounts to ensure outstanding delivery of services.

Here are a few questions that we receive from Employers on a regular basis:

What types of positions do you fill?

Etowah Employment specializes in finding employees to fill a variety of positions including, but certainly not limited to: administrative/clerical, light industrial, healthcare, manufacturing, and nutrition, just to name a few.

Do you hire day laborers?

We do not currently hire day laborers, but given 24-48 hours notice we can accommodate most hiring needs.  

Can employees hired as Temp-To-Permanent be transferred to permanent status prior to their 90 day mark?

Employees with all assignments must remain in temporary status for 90 days. Should the employer wish to transfer the employee to permanent status prior to the 90 day period, they may do so with the payment of a permanent placement fee.  

Is there a “permanent placement fee” charged to the employer after the employee has completed their 90 day work period?

No.  After the employee has completed 90 days as a temporary worker, they can be transferred to the company’s payroll at no additional expense.

How often are employees paid?

Etowah Employment pays all employees weekly and can issue employee pay via check or direct deposit.