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On January 1, 2013 Etowah Employment launched a brand new cloud-based portal called newwave staffing.  Newwave staffing is an exciting way for job seekers to connect with our clients.  After creating a username and password, you can create a unique profile that we can share with our current and prospective clients.  You can even attach a copy of your resume or create a video resume, sharing your unique talents.  It’s easy!  And, it’s a great way for Etowah Employment to connect you with Rome and the surrounding area’s TOP companies via all forms of social media.

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How is the new Affordable Health Care Reform going to impact YOUR business??


How is the new Affordable Health Care Reform going to impact YOUR business?? 

If you have 50 or more employees THIS year, the impact to your company’s bottom line is going to be extremely powerful beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Companies ARE NOT WAITING to find out what impact these penalties will have on their business.  The look back period in NOW.

At Etowah Employment, we’re already getting calls from our client base asking us to help them understand this legislation and to see where Etowah Employment can be helpful.  Our response to them is that we can legally help them remain under 50 employees without paying the per employee penalty to the government.

School Systems, Manufacturing plants, call centers, medical facilities, construction companies….everyone will be effected.

Call Etowah Employment now to discuss with our staff, strategies for your business that can be implemented right now to keep your employees under 50 and to avoid penalties with ObamaCare.


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Company in Rome, GA: Scheduler

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Immediate opening for scheduler position.  Responsibilities include serving as a critical resource to operationss team during the establishment of a visual production system by effectively analyzing current production methods, providing excellent training and information on manufacturing techniques, developing a schedule system that incorporates the best Lean Manufacturing techniques.

Must have Lean Manufacturing experience as well as proven track record in a Scheduling position.

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